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Scholastic Art Awards

Plans for building structures or environments. Special Instructions: Plans may be hand-drawn or computer generated.  Models must be sturdy and able to endure exhibition and shipping.
A pictorial narrative that tells a story through use of sequential frames, with or without text. Images can be rendered through drawing, painting, and digital art.Special Instructions: Do not base characters and plots on already published comic books or published series. Students submitting Comic Art may submit up to 8 images to represent the work.
Vessels made from ceramics or glass.Special Instructions: Unfired ceramics and oil-based clay works should not be submitted. Ceramic or glass sculptures, such as busts, figures or abstract forms should be submitted in the Sculpture category.
Artwork created using technology and computer software or works captured by a digital camera and heavily collaged or manipulated to produce digital multimedia work. Special Instructions: Identify computer software used in the materials/description section of online registration. In general, digital artwork that contains text, especially for commercial purposes, should be entered in the Design category. Digital Photography that is lightly manipulated should be entered in the Photography category.
Commercial and applied arts. Design includes artwork that has a clearly defined purpose such as advertising, communications, or product fabrication.
Art drawn on a two-dimensional surface, usually paper. Special Instructions: Drawings copied from published photographs should not be submitted and may be disqualified. Drawings must be fixed with a suitable fixative and mounted on rigid board when submitting and for exhibition.
Articles of clothing or fashion accessories. Fully-realized articles and outfits (samples), sketches and croques, tech packs, etc. may be submitted. We encourage students to submit traditional (eveningwear, menswear, sportswear, etc.) and experimental designs.
FILM AND ANIMATIONMoving images viewed on a monitor, television or projector. Special Instructions: Works must be submitted on DVDs which must be playable on a television DVD player. ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER DISK. Identify computer software used, if applicable in the materials/description section of online registration. The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers strongly encourages use of original or public domain music. See copyright release section of guidelines. THESE WORKS CAN BE COLLABORATIVE. Register all students in the project.
Art objects worn for personal adornment, usually made from metal. May also include works made from plastic, beading, glass, etc.
Special Instructions: Precious materials not recommended.
Art made from more than one medium, usually with a three-dimensional element.Special Instructions: Combinations of painting and drawing applied only to one surface should be submitted to either the Painting or Drawing categories. Mixed media assemblages meant to be viewed in the round should be submitted in the Sculpture category.
Pigment applied to a two-dimensional surface, usually canvas or paper. Special Instructions: Identify type of paints used in the materials/description section of online registration.
PHOTOGRAPHYImages captured by either an analog or digital camera and viewed as a print. Digital photographs must be printable at minimum 300 dpi at 5″ x 7″.Special Instructions: Identify type of photographic techniques used in the materials/description section of online registration. Prints must be mounted on rigid board when submitting for exhibition. A consent form is required for all recognizable persons pictured in photographs. Works that are collaged or heavily edited with computer software must be submitted in the Digital Art category.
Art made by the process of printing, usually on paper. Special Instructions: Prints must be mounted on rigid board when submitted and for exhibition. Identify the printmaking technique used in the materials/description section of online registration.
Three-dimensional art objects. Special Instructions: Attach submission forms to the base or “price tag” style to the work.Installation art may be submitted in the Sculpture category. Submit large scale sculpture or installation art as matted images.
Video games use technology, storytelling, and visual art to create an interactive computerized game.Special Instructions: Video Games will not be judged by the Regional Affiliates. Instead, they will be judged at the national office. Video Games must be submitted on CD-Rom. Do not send physical artwork. Adaptations of, or sequels to already existing video games are not accepted. Students should provide a 1-page, single-spaced explanation of the materials submitted as well as the overall video game concept. Up to 8 detail images may be submitted for Video Game Concept.Special Deadline for ALL Video Games regardless of region: All Video Game submissions must be received by Friday, January 29, 2010 and sent directly to:
Alliance for Young Artists & Writers (Video Game)
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012THESE WORKS CAN BE COLLABORATIVE. Register all students in the project.
A body of the student’s best eight artworks that demonstrates a high level in originality, technical skill and personal vision.


ART PORTFOLIO: Artwork from any category.

See additional information under “How do I prepare a senior portfolio?” section. Seniors may resubmit works that may or may not have won in previous Scholastic Awards as part of their Art or Photography Portfolio. Seniors can only submit ONE of each type of Portfolio. If submitting Film & Animation as part of the Art Portfolio, include a separate DVD playable on a television/DVD player. Review the Regional Affiliate Information section to determine if your region accepts Art Portfolios as actual artwork, digital files on CD-ROM or both.

Deadline and Submission

All submissions must be received by Friday December 4 2009.  Do not forget to include your email so that we can contact you upon making our decisions.

These Submissions may be mailed to:

Jimmy Riordan
MTS Gallery
3142 Mountain View Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501

Or submit by email to mtsgallery@gmail.com

Work selected will be announced by the 18 of December.  Those pieces selected should be delivered to the gallery arriving no later than Friday January 8, 2010, for final judging and the hanging of the Gold and Silver Key Exhibition.  Work sent by mail should be posted to the address mentioned above.

Processing Fee: The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the national nonprofit organization that presents The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, requires standardized process fees of $5.00 for each individual category submission and $20.00 for each portfolio submission.  Make checks out to The Trailer Arts Center.

Fee Waiver: Any student who currently qualifies under the Federal School Lunch Act for the Free and Reduced Lunch program may request a submission fee waiver.  Reduced fees are also available to students for whom fees would be a barrier to participation.  A request from the student or the teacher for the submission fee waiver should be submitted on school letterhead and included with the work in place of the submission fee.

Regional Celebration:

January 15, 2010 at the MTS Gallery School Aged Gallery.

Jimmy Riordan
Phone: 907-317-0215
Email: riordanjimmy@gmail.com

Judges will review each submission for three criteria:

An innovative approach to process, concept and subject matter. Originality often manifests itself in works that go beyond the classroom assignment.
Technical Skill
Ability to work fluently in a particular medium. Jurors discuss how technical skill is utilized to advance an original idea or perspective.
Emergence of a Personal Vision
Evidence of the artist’s unique style, sensibility and perspective.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards jurors know nothing about the identities of the students whose works they are assessing.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards makes no restriction on content or subject matter. The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and its Regional Affiliates respect the right of students to explore a full range of expression through their creative talents and pledge that no work will ever be eliminated from consideration for a Scholastic Art & Writing Award due to its content.

There’s a lot more information at Scholastic’s website: http://www.artandwriting.org/awards


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  1. Hey You,
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    Thomas Higgins

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  2. Anytime you guys need some help I’m willing to help out! I know one of the guys who used to help you out , and thought it was pretty cool. I’d love to be apart of what you guys do. It’s really great!

    Brandi Wrobel

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